Private label paint manufacturing specialist

Who are we ?

Specialised in private label paint manufacturing, the origins of Somefor date back to the 19thcentury, with the creation in 1893 of Blancs de Zinc de la Méditerranée, a family business which produced zinc iron and “grinded white”, the forerunner of paint.

 Somefor was born from this structure in 1990, and continued to develop on professional markets and mass market distribution networks, inFranceas well as at an international level.

 Our capacity to adapt, be responsive, and conduct permanent research in view of constant innovation, has allowed us to acquire know-how in private label paint developing and manufacturing. Our knowledge and experience in logistics make us fully reliable when it comes to order preparation and delivery times.

 The everyday attention we offer our customers has widely contributed to our establishment as one of the pioneers in our business field, and has therefore enabled us to acquire, thanks to our experience, long-term visibility.

 The trust building approach we have established year after year with our distribution networks has enabled us to collaborate and maintain a long-lasting relationship with the most popular brand names of the alimentary and non-alimentary mass market distribution chains, as well as with the professional networks of the building industry. Somefor also collaborates as a subcontractor, with other actors of the paint industry.

 Our flexibility makes us a full-fledged service provider.

 Concerned with the well-being of our customers and the preservation of the environment, we are putting together all of our resources to be state-of-the-art in this field, and therefore are strongly committed to sustainable development policies. This has enabled us to obtain a number of certifications in relation with our “environment and quality” process. Somefor’s policy is not only about conforming to the current legislations, but also about anticipating further regulation standards, and thus always being one step ahead in view of the protection of our planet, and of the customers’ health.


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