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Sustainable Development

We often hear about it, but what is it really ?

Sustainable development means taking into account the following three points to guarantee that the development of our company will take place in a sustainable manner.

  • The point of view of society that deals with people issues: security and employees’ working conditions, but also family issues, city council issues…
  • The point of view of the environment that deals with the preservation of nature: soil and groundwater protection, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions…
  • The point of view of the economy, because only wanting to act on the first two points would be utopian. It is the economical aspect that allows improvements in society and environment points of view to be made, but these two points enable the economic activity to continue in a sustainable manner.

Somefor has recently started to act towards sustainable development by participating in a collective operation with ten other Provençal companies within the Union of Chemical Industries to discuss solutions in different fields.


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