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What is the European Ecological Label ?

Established in 1992, the European Ecological Label, symbolized by the Flower logo is a unique homologation system, aimed at helping European consumers to distinguish greener and more environmentally friendly products and services.

 The European Ecological Label is administered by the European Union Committee for the Ecological Label, and is supported by the European Commission, by all the State members of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Why is the European Ecological Label necessary ?

We are currently facing all kinds of ecological problems, from global warming to the destruction of the ozone layer and pollution of water streams, to the disappearing of biodiversity and mountains of waste.

 The Flower logo is identified all acrossEurope, and covers a wide range of product groups, allowing people to easily recognize quality products that are environmentally friendly.

 A product must necessarily fulfill all the standards to obtain the European Union Ecological Label. The ecological criteria takes into account all the aspects of a product’s life-cycle, starting from raw material extraction in the pre-production stage, through to production, distribution and disposal.

 Our group is the first French depositary of Ecolabel formula paints and varnishes.


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