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What are VOCs ?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) include a variety of substances which could be of natural origin (emitted by plants) or of anthropogenic origin (refinement, organic solvent evaporation…). They are always made up of the carbon element and other elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, halogens, sulphur, nitrogen… They are originally contained in solid materials or in some liquids for current or industrial use.

 What is natural paint ?

It is paint that is formulated with more than 96% of renewable origin ingredients (sunflower oil, limestone, natural pigments, glycerine…). Its formulation is developed in such a way to preserve the qualities of traditional paint, as well as reducing the use of petroleum chemistry as much as possible.

 How can low rate VOC paints be obtained ?

Our research and development laboratory makes sure our paints are formulated by selecting raw materials containing very low VOC rates, and at the same time guarantees the highest level of quality.

 Is it possible to apply water-based paint on top of old solvent-based paint ?

Yes, though if the paint has a glossy aspect, the gloss should be removed before water-based paint is applied.

 Is it possible to apply a solvent-based coating on top of a water-based undercoat, or water-based paint ?

Yes, provided the acrylic is adhering and non-chalking. Do not apply on acrylic paint that is specific for cracked substrates because of the risk of crackling.

 What is monolayer paint ?

It is paint that is endowed with a high covering power, thus enabling 98% of opacity to be obtained at 100 microns. Applying a second layer will provide a perfect result.

 What kind of paint is it possible to apply on top of traditional wallpaper, glass fibre, or vinyl wallpaper ?

On vinyl wallpaper: none. On the others: acrylic paint.

 Is it possible to apply ceiling paint on walls ?

We do not recommended doing this unless it says “walls and ceiling” on the packaging. Ceiling paint is not formulated to resist to rubbing by hands or upholstery.

 Is it possible to apply satin-finish or glossy wall paint on a ceiling instead of mat ceiling paint ?

Yes, provided the substrate is properly blocked since the satin-finish or glossy aspect will highlight any planarity imperfections.


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