Private label paint manufacturing specialist

Commercial Organization

  • Our sales team ensures that the best-adapted quality products and services are offered to our customers in their search for performance. Our customers are perpetually advised about the evolutions to follow in the choice of their ranges.
  • We also guide the end-users of our products toward an environmentally friendly consumption (practical advice published on the packs, information provided on our website, a call centre available to our customers, trade fairs). The packs are elaborated in partnership with our customers, in order to best communicate about eco-friendly consumption patterns.
  • Somefor’s strength is to always be aware of its customers’ needs, and to anticipate on a daily basis any needs they may have in the future.


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13395 Marseille Cedex 10
Tel: +33 (0) 4 91 25 91 03
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Avenue Marie Curie
ZI du Bois de Leuze
13310 Saint Martin de Crau


Rue Ampère
ZI du Bois de Leuze
13310 Saint Martin de Crau