Private label paint manufacturing specialist

The Industrial Tool

Production Tools :

 We dispose of :

  • Different volume tanks, from 500L to 8000L which enable us to adapt efficiently to our customers’ immediate needs.
  • Conditioning lines for size packaging from 75ml to 15L.
  • Lid tinting workshops with pad printing.

Sleeving Machine :

    • We have invested in a technology that allows neutral packs to be customized by adjusting stretched tailored sleeves around them. This brand new process enables us to reduce stocks and improve presentation. The same packaging can be used for various products, so only stock management is left to be dealt with for each brand name. This benefit is shared with our customers who can thus more easily renew the design of their packs for a lower price.

Tint in Can :

  • We have also provided ourselves with a new manufacturing line called “Tint in Can”. This tool means the tint can be put straight into the can of paint, and therefore enables us to manufacture on demand. This tool makes it possible to produce coloured paints in very small quantities. The main advantage of this machine lies in the possibility not only of following the colours market trends (without taking the risks of large volume fabrications) but also of launching very small series of tints very quickly (and if necessary pilot series of new tints).


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